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Educational Projects
The Peace School, Cambodia

As a contributor to the American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC) Jacqueline Cambata Designs sponsored the construction of a school outside of the city of Phnom Pnem, Cambodia. In December 2007, The Peace School, a five-room building, opened its doors to more than 50 eager students. Boys and girls ages 13-16 years old, in the 7th and 8th grades are given an education and a chance to change their futures.

Bernie Krisher, founder of the AAfC writes: “ To date we have built 440 schools in the poor rural areas of Cambodia. When you look around the world with all those who feel left out and ready to kill others or themselves to vent their anger against those they feel have deprived them of their rights and possessions, I feel comforted that such a situation is unlikely to occur in Cambodia. Programs like ours give so many children the hope and ability to realize their dreams. They don’t need to take out their frustrations through violence.”


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